Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's Lynn?

It's kind of like where's Waldo but not nearly as fun!

I know, my blog is quickly becoming the most boring blog on the block lately because I haven't been around it much. Not because I'm super busy, but because I'm not.

January is a pretty boring month. Not much going on. At least for me. So of course not much to talk about.

The kids had two days off of school last week because of the insanely cold weather. One was happy, the other not so much because that means extra days at the end of the year. It worked out perfectly though because my brother and niece were in town so they got some extra time with their cousin on Friday.

We all went to see 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop' on Saturday. Funny movie! Kevin James cracks me up. Have I ever told you about my brother and what he's like...........just think Kevin James. They could be brothers. Seriously.
First time in a long time that I went to a movie on opening weekend. Super crowded. And my family wonders why I like to get there early.

Took Skowt for her 3 month diabetes check up yesterday. Everything is looking good. We need a couple little insulin adjustments but they said her numbers still look great. I think we are falling into a false sense of security though. I think she's going to come out of her honeymoon phase (where her body is temporarily still producing a small amt. of insulin) and we won't know what hit us!

Inauguration day today! Did you all watch? I must say this is the FIRST time I have ever watched any part of the inauguration, never mind pretty much the entire thing. We had it on all morning.

And of course now as I type this our HRV unit on the furnace is making it's squeaking noise! Not a peep out of it when the guy was here to check on it 2.5 hours ago!


Aim said...

I heard that movie was funny. I think we might see Bedtime Stories this weekend. or Twilight. again.

Shannon said...

I've been slacking on things lately... must be the wintertime blues, or something. Post-holiday letdown, maybe?

Sooz said...

You're the second person to say the Kevin James movie was really good, and I like KJ anyway, so we may just have to go see it.

Glad Skowt is doing well!

PS We saw Bedtime Stories...very cute! Definitely worth matinee price.