Monday, January 5, 2009


They seem to get more interesting all the time around here.

Skowt has decided to do yoga each morning before school. She came home one day before Christmas break going on and on about gym class and how they were learning yoga. She loved it. She "felt so much happiness inside". Yup, those are her exact words. She started rambling about finding her chi. Well, if it makes a teen girl happy it must be good right?

So today was her first day back to school and she set her alarm 30 minutes earlier than normal. Said I didn't have to get up with her that early because she was just gonna get up and do her thing. OK, fine. So I got up at the normal time. I went into her room thinking I'd find that girl with the happiness inside. Nope. Not so much. She was her typical crabby morning self. Guess she didn't find her chi this morning.

Forty five minutes later it's time to get up her sister, Tiger. She was in an unusually good mood for this time of morning. But man is she getting to be quite the girly girl! She takes longer than any of us in the bathroom in the morning (and at night after a shower). She has to do her hair and jewelry, spray her little fruity body spray.

Where did she get that girly-ness from? Certainly not her mother! lol
She also asked me to start wearing mascara the other day.

Um, I dont think so.


Aim said...

I hate when I get those weird comments. Morning are like that at my house too. Lyric is so a typical teenager, not a morning person. Jazz is hit or miss. I'll never find my chi early in the morning....LOL

Amy said...

Looks like somebody spammed you in your comments. Ugh!

We have ultimate drama time in the mornings at our house. Some days I dread waking them up :)