Friday, February 15, 2008

Frozen Pickle Juice?

I went with my mom to the dentist the other day so that after her appointment we could do lunch and some bumming. While sitting there waiting for her I glanced down at the newspaper sitting there and in it was a short little write up about the Pickle Sickle, a frozen treat made of pickle juice.

I love a me a good pickle. Like those big ones they have at the State Fair and I've often joked about drinking the juice out of the pickle jar. But never thought of freezing it. I'd be willing to try one but it looks like unless you live in the Texas area where they're made you can only order by the box online and they seem a bit pricey.

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Sooz said...

You know, there are lots of comments I could make about liking pickles, but none of them would be clean and I'm sure this is a family blog ;).