Monday, February 4, 2008

Bad memory, bad mom?

Tiger asked me the other day what her first word was. Um, I didn't have a clue! How bad am I? So I dug out her baby book to look it up but didn't really find anything. My sitter used to keep a daily log and I saved a few of those sheets. I made a note on one where she was about a year old that she started saying "HI" and some B sounds and Da-Dee instead of DaDa but that's about it. Not sure if that was really her first word or not.

I couldn't remember Skowt's either so I had to dig out her's too. It was bugging me! Since she was the first I was a tad more complete. I did record hers as "stinky". LOL I do remember now. We used to always say that when she needed a diaper change or when taking off her shoes and socks so that's what she picked up.

I do also remember probably shortly after that, we had the tv on and all of a sudden during the commercials she yells out "dot com!" They had just given out their website. It was cute and I remember thinking that wasn't even a phrase when I was a kid and here it's one of my daughter's first words.


Amy said...

Lyric's first word was "Pee Yew". I guess it's not really a word, but it was the first thing she said that wasn't babbling. baby's?? I got nothin'

lynn said...

I guess it's not just me then. I don't feel so bad!