Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not much going on

Wow, has it really been a week since I last posted? It's been hard coming up with stuff to blog about lately. All my days seem the same. Get up at 5:30, get kids ready for school, eat, shower, chores, errands, kids home, run them around to activities, dinner, homework, showers, bedtime. Real exciting stuff, hey? My mom and I do have plans to see a movie today.

We took the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks over Christmas break. Now Tiger is obsessed with it. She's constantly quoting the movie and talking in her chipmunk voice. She had to order the book from her monthly Scholastic order from school, so she's reading that and carrying it around everywhere. She's either walking around with sunglasses on pretending to be Simon or walking around with her cheeks puffed out telling me she is Theodore. Not sure why she doesn't imitate Alvin.........maybe that big A on his shirt scares her and reminds her of the Scarlet Letter! lol

Skowt wants to join the volleyball team at school. She went to the informational meeting yesterday and is all pumped about it. The coach will be the same teacher she had for tennis over the summer and art class, I think. She really likes her so that's good. Only problem is they can only have 24 girls on the team and she said at least 30 showed up for the meeting. The first practice is the 28th where they will see how many girls they have. If more than 24 show up they will do some activities to see who can do what and cut any over the 24. She has played at the Y before but not much so hopefully she has enough skill to get her by. She is kind of timid when she plays though, so if anything that will get her. I'm hoping she really gives it her all though and makes it. She wants to keep up tennis too but they don't have a team until high school so all she's been doing is through the rec dept. and summer school. There's a woman that does private lessons but it can get really expensive. It sucks cuz I really hate not doing those, I feel like I'm holding her back.

Hubby is having some issues with his right arm/neck/shoulder. They think it's a rotator cuff problem. He has an appointment with Orthopedics on Monday. Hoping it can be easily fixed without surgery or any missed work!

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