Sunday, January 20, 2008


Skowt has a field trip scheduled tomorrow for her science class. They are studying the human body and they are going to the museum to see an exhibit and watch a movie in the IMAX theater.

I didn't think much of it until my husband saw the info sheet hanging by the calendar. He asked about it and who it was for because did I realize that this exhibit was REAL human bodies. Huh? Real? Ewww!

It's one of three traveling exhibits by a doctor who preserves the human body with a process called Plastination that preserves the tissues and organs. You can check it all out on the Body Worlds website. Oh, I am so glad I did not decide to go on this field trip with them as a chaperon!! I wonder how many of these kids will even be able to eat their lunch after seeing that. lol

So tonight is the NFC championship game. Guess what'll be on in our house, even though we are not really Packer fans (or football for that matter) and even though tonight is the Amazing Race finale!! Hubby insists he needs to watch it. It's been Packer mania here in WI lately. You can't even turn on the evening news without hearing all about them. I get that it's a big deal and everyone is excited but it's as if the rest of the world doesn't exist anymore and there are no other newsworthy stories out there.

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Amy said...

Is it weird that I would LOVE to see the Body Works exhibit?!? We're planning to come up (my brother's family and my family). I would have gone as Skowt's chaparone!