Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to School

The kids are off to school after the Christmas break. It was nice having them home for the week and not having to get up early but I'm looking forward to some home alone time. My hours have been cut drastically at work, since it's a slow time (fine by me!) so I really want to take advantage of that. I've got plans for stuff I want to do but I'm sure at least today, I'll end up being lazy for a bit. That's one thing on my life list I need to work on.....stop being so lazy! I am not a morning person and it usually takes me a while to get moving. Usually what happens is by the time I get moving and into a rhythm of getting some stuff done, my hubby stops home for lunch so I stop for that. Then give me some time to get moving again and before you know it the kids are coming home from school and I hardly knocked anything off my list.

Plus, now that I see I didn't win the Holiday Millions lottery I still don't have that extra cash to hire a maid! :(

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