Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wax on, wax off

So we watched the Karate Kid over the weekend with the kids. They love to "play karate" with their dad and anytime he'd say some of the lines from the movie they'd look at him weird. So I said that he needed to show them what he was talking about.

Well, I guess the movie didn't really translate well to their generation because although they watched the whole thing, they were sitting there looking bored out of their skulls! Plus there was a lot more swearing than I remember but I think they were a lot more lenient with the ratings back then.

I still don't think the younger one got the point of how he was being taught. She just kept saying "he's not learning karate, he's just doing a bunch of chores". So of course my husband tried to tell her that that's why we have her do chores.......she is learning karate. She didn't buy that!


Amy said...

That's so funny about the ratings thing. I say that all the time. I can't believe that my mom let me watch "Purple Rain", "Dirty Dancing" and even "Hard to Hold" (Have you seen that nekkid butt?) Times they are a chaning....

Amy~~ said...

LOL! I totally agree about the rating thing,I watched "Sixteen Candles" with my girls and was shocked!
My kids don't really "get" any of the old 80s movies, they just crack up at the clothes and