Saturday, October 6, 2007

It's starting

"Anybody who's anybody will be there and if I don't go, I won't be anybody!"

My daughter's exact words while asking me if she could go to the Homecoming game with her friend last night. She never used to be like that but she's a whole different beast now that she's in middle school. Been there, done that, but I guess I'm just wasting my breath trying to explain to her not to let what others think dictate what she does. In one ear and right out the other. Not that I didn't want her to go. She did go and I guess she's somebody now. Good thing, I didn't want a nobody living in this house!

She's also asked me to help her to find music that other kids her age listen to. She never has really been in to music much and any time I asked her she was not interested. By her age I had already gone trough, Donny Osmond, Shawn Cassidy and had moved on to Rick Springfield! But now kids are asking her about it and she doesn't want to seem out of the loop. The few things she does listen to are made fun of by some of the other kids (though I bet some of them listen also in private!) So, anyone have any good suggestions for a 12 year old that I won't get the eye roll on?


Amy said...

12 year olds music--High School Musical (1 & 2), Hannah Montana, All that Disney Channel stuff. My Hannah listens to a little bit of everything, just like me, but I can ask her for some suggestions.

lynn said...

That is the stuff she does listen to but told me everyone at school makes fun of it. She did find a Gwen Stefani song and wants to see if she had anything else she likes. But any other suggestions would be appreciated.

She also likes listening to the 80s station I usually have on but I think is also looking for some current stuff.