Monday, October 22, 2007

Casino Night

Well, I was right. No tales of winning big money on Saturday night. But it was still a fun night. Got to spend some time with a couple friends. We went to The Outback for dinner. We were having fun with all the Aussie named menu items and practising our Aussie accents. Trust me me, we weren't very good! Even got to eat dinner outside. It was a beautiful night and they opened a few of the outdoor tables.

Our money didn't last too long at the casino. Imagine that! I did think for a bit that luck was going to be on my side. We were just wandering around looking for the right slot and I spotted one called "Snapshot" with a big camera on it. Of course I couldn't pass that one up. I doubled what I put in plus a few bucks on the third spin. WooHoo! Spun a few more times and cashed out to move on. Of course I wasn't quite so lucky at any of the other machines I tried.

So after only about a half hour we had hit our limits already! Luckily there was a free comedy show going on in the Northern Lights Theater so we plopped ourselves down in there for a little over an hour.

Oh well, not any richer than before I went, but we always still have fun :)

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Lori said...

I just have one thing to say...Alice Springs Chicken....yum!!! That is my favorite. And Outback is my fave place to go (not that we eat there often) besides pizza of course. lol.