Monday, October 15, 2007

Calgon, Take me Away!!

I'm going crazy! I'm sitting here trying to organize all our recent medical bills. Yuck. They just keep coming. Just when you think you have them all you get another for some other doctor in some lab who read one test result and wants his share too!

Let's see, we went to the pumpkin farm this weekend. I'll share pics of that shortly in another post. I just needed to get away from the bills for a second.

Hubby has had a couple Netflix movies waiting to be watched for the past week or two. He's been working tons of hours and hasn't been able to get to them. We finally sat and watched Troy last night. Long movie, pretty good but a little too much on the fighting scenes for my taste. Yeah, I know that's what the whole story of Troy is about. It's amazing how much of it I remembered from reading it in college or whenever the heck that was. At least it had Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in it, both in fine form which made the fighting scenes bearable (how do you spell that? Even with spellcheck that just doesn't look right). Whatever!


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