Monday, July 30, 2007

Not a winner

At the end of June I shared two pictures that I entered into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel snapshot contest. The winners were in the paper on July 24th and didn't include me. Which I didn't expect in the first place and considering I wasn't contacted I knew I wouldn't see my name. Maybe next time.

I actually didn't see the winners until tonight when I mentioned to my hubby that they were suppose to be in the paper at the end of July and wondered what day because I don't always read the paper. Both he and my mom neglected to tell me they had seen them this past week.

What bothers me though is that I don't think my second entry ever went through. I had been checking the page as they updated it with new entries and found my first one. The second I did a few days later but I never did see it show up.

You can see the article posting the winning photographs online here: 2007 winners

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