Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Arlington Heights, IL 7-7-07

This is the one out of the three this weekend that I was most anticipating. Not that I didn't want to attend the other two, but because Rick Springfield has been my favorite since I was a pre-teen!!

I originally planned to attend with my family but at the last minute my husband got scheduled to work overtime on Saturday and had to get back home. I was able to hook up with a friend that let me stay at her place Saturday after the show and came home Sunday.

It was a free show that was held at a local festival. People came early, set up their blankets and/or chairs to claim their spot. We got there early afternoon, found a spot and hung around the grounds until the show. It was freakin HOT that day! Went through a ton of water and luckily found some shady areas to hang out in.

As show time got closer people started to trickle in. It was getting crowded. Once the opening music started everyone started inching closer and toward the center. But it wasn't bad, no pushing or shoving just lots of people crammed together. I did get beer spilled on my foot though!

He started with 'Who Killed Rock n Roll', the new one that should be on his next album (showing my age!). I love that song! It really rocks. Then he did most of the usual stuff from the 80s, got some fans and one of the grounds volunteers to sing 'Don't Talk to Strangers' and had some fun with a couple songs in the crowd. Couldn't even see him for most of that because it was just too crowded and there was really no place for him to get up and stand on anything. He played some slide guitar with someone's cell phone and then made a call to one of her contacts saying we'd all be over for beer and pizza later! He was back on stage for a couple songs, left to change and came back for a one song encore.......shirtless I must add! Very nice :-)

The show seemed to go very quickly (don't they all?). It was over around 9:30. All that waiting around in the hot sun and it's over before you know it. Well worth it though!! I had a blast!

Who wants to go with me next time?

Here's Rodger and George (with Matt and Derek in the background).

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