Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pictures, pictures, everywhere!


Even before taking photography seriously I loved taking photos and looking through old family photos. 

Back in the day when we used film or Polaroids before that, we'd take them, have them printed, throw them in a drawer or box where they'd sit until we dug through them looking for something.


The last time we moved which was about 12 years ago I decided to take on the project of organizing all the prints along with all the ones my mom had laying around. 

I was going to put them in chronological order and get them all in albums and labeled like the ones you see here:
Then when my grandmother passed away in 2004 and we were going through some of her stuff I ended up taking a trunk full of family photos home to go through.

Problem is, these photos I have posted here.....they were just taken today.  Yeah, that's how far I've gotten on my project over the past 12 years!!

Not to mention the fact that all the 100's of prints I have in these boxes only date through about mid 2004.  That's when I went digital. 
I'd say I've taken thousands since then.  I didn't have to worry about wasting film.  Now all those sit on my hard drive waiting for something to be done with them.

I always figured I'd have a selection of them printed for each year and add them to the rest so we'd have something to physically hold and look at. 

Now I just feel overwhelmed! 
But I hate that they are just sitting around in boxes!

I'm thinking about getting some of these cases to make it quicker and easier to store them rather than trying to get them all in albums.

I'll feel much better when I dig myself out of this hole.  IF I ever dig myself out!


Amy said...

SOmething else we have in common, yet again! I have a few albums put together from when my kids were little, but that all ended about 6 years ago and I haven't printed any since then. I also tried to put together a lot of pics my mom had that were all in boxes and bags, took them home, felt overwhelmed and brought them back. Sigh! I can totally relate!

~JarieLyn~ said...

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed. I have the same problem with all of my photos, and going digital didn't help either because I still haven't put them on CD's or printed anything out. Everyday I just pray that my hard drive doesn't crash before I actually do something to save my pictures elsewhere.

BTW, I received your letter this weekend. It was very nice :) I will send a reply very soon. said...

I totally know what you mean, I don't really have THAT much in physical copies, I only spent a few years with an analogue camera of my own before I went digital, but I do have hundreds of photos from my childhood that my mother has taken.
Aside from that, I have about 40.000 photos on a harddrive. Yep, I counted the 0s. They're right. I am NOT looking forward to sorting THAT out.