Friday, January 11, 2013

Going Postal

I know I've mentioned this before but I haven't blogged in so long it bears repeating......I love snail mail!!!

In the past couple of months my love for it has been rekindled.  I'm a member of Postcrossing and have been increasing my activity there, exchanging more postcards, especially in the forum. 

Here are a few I've recently sent out:

And a few I've recently received:

I've also found a renewed interest in pen paling.  I've been writing a few women that I found through Postcrossing.  There's also a few other sites I'm thinking about joining. 

Months ago I wrote to someone whose blog about mail I found and I received a letter from her this past week!

My daughter had gotten me a gift card to a local bookstore for my birthday in November and I finally got around to spending it.  I bought this cool book about mail art.

My mail is a bit boring compared to some stuff I've been seeing so I wanted to try my hand at sprucing it up a little.

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shannah said...

Good for you! Going postal is the best way to go! :)