Monday, August 29, 2011

Is summer over already?

I blinked and totally missed it!

My kids go back to school Thursday already.  What?

It's been a weird summer.  I feel like I've been super busy.  But I also feel like I haven't done a thing!

I obviously have nothing to show for it on my blog!  But we haven't done anything to blog about.  No fun family stuff or vacations or even just a weekend away besides our little anniversary trip.

Mostly I've been just driving the kids all over town and back.  They both had summer school classes for the first 6 weeks of summer.  My youngest started Poms in July already.  They had one week off of summer school and then marching band camp started up for my oldest and one week later she started tennis.  

My husband has been working lots of overtime (thank God), but then I barely see him some days.  

The days are already starting to get shorter and I'm not liking it!  Though I do prefer the milder weather.  But we all know what happens in Wisconsin after the milder weather.  

Oh, I am just not ready to think about that yet!

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Amy said...

I know what you mean...Chelsea had summer school for a month and July flew by after that. My kids have been back in school for 3 weeks already! I'm ready for a break!