Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How could I forget!?!

So here I am yesterday saying how I didn't have much to blog about over the summer.  But on August 15th I completely missed blogging about my newly turned 16 year old!!

Yup, crazy right?  It's just not possible for me to be the mom of a 16 year old!!

I was just planning to share some tennis photos of her today when I realized I never mentioned her on her special day.  Bad mom!  Bad, bad mom!!

So here she is during her party with her friends the weekend of her bday....

She will be driving soon.  Well, she technically is.  She has her learner's permit and has finished her behind the wheel hours.  She is scheduled for her road test on September 14th.  I'm just not ready for her to be driving a car on her own!

She made the varsity tennis team this year.  I think.  Things change all the time with her coach.  But she was told to order the varsity dress and has been taken on most of the varsity matches so far.  She's at the bottom of the totem pole and hasn't won a match yet.  But I don't care.  I know she loves it and that's all that matters.  I do see improvement in her playing lately too.  I wish her dad would admit to that......he tends to get frustrated in all the things she messes up on when he sees her play.  I do too sometimes but am trying not to point them all out to her.  She gets enough of that from the coaches.

These are the best two I've gotten so far.  I've only taken photos at one match and we have the darn fence to contend with!!  So I figured I'd get a cool shot of the fence while I was at it!

Happy Birthday to my sweet 16!!
Love you! :)

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Amy said...

She's beautiful! I'm glad she had a great birthday...

Don't feel bad, I will have a 16 yr old in a year and a half.