Saturday, January 29, 2011

Would you Rather.........?

So I bought a book called Zobmondo: The Outrageous Book of Bizarre Choices Would you Rather.......? 

It's a listing of 404 sets of 2 options to choose which you'd rather endure.  It was an impulse buy standing in line at the book store.  My kids and I picked it up to flip through and thought they were interesting.  It was marked down so I bought it thinking I'd use it for topics to discuss here since at the time I needed some blog ideas.  That was probably 6 months ago.  I brought it home and it's been sitting in my bedroom ever since. 

Well, guess what?  As usual I'm still looking for blog ideas.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to come up with things to talk about.  I love blogging.  I love reading others blogs.  I'm always amazed at the variety of topics out there on the blogs I read.  Yet still I feel like I've got nothing. 

So periodically I may throw one in the blog mix.  I know I will never get through all 400+, not to mention the fact that some are just so disgusting I won't even consider posting them here!!

Here we go.  We'll start with an easy one. 

Would you rather.......

Wear a motorcycle helmet to bed every night


Always sleep with shoes and jeans on?

I go for the shoes and jeans.  That I think would be easier to handle.  I could not stand the helmet on my head while sleeping that's for sure.  I need me a nice soft pillow to lay my head!

So what about you?  Leave your answer in the comments or leave me a link where you've blogged it.


Nicole said...

It would have to be jeans and shoes. I practically wear that to bed as it is ... sweats and slippers sometimes.

Amy said...

I saw that book once too..sounds interesting!

I'll go with the jeans and shoes. A helmet would no doubt cause issues! :)

Debra said...

That's easy. I couldn't sleep with either. Okay, maybe the shoes and jeans - maybe. Meet your newest follower. Excited to see what's up your sleeve for next post:)
Hope you'll swing by and visit me too. Company is always welcome at my place:)

Shannon said...


But if I simply HAD to choose, it'd be the jeans and shoes. There is no way I could sleep with a helmet on my head!