Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Smile {January}

I'm playing along with Alicia today for her project smile. 
She's been doing this for a bit and it's been something I wanted to join in on but like many things in my life it gets pushed aside for whatever reason.  But I think it's time for me to start noticing and appreciating the things that make me smile rather than always focusing on the things that don't.  

The past month has been a great one for my husband and I as a couple.  We've spent some needed quality time together, we've talked a lot and we've really reconnected.  We've become closer and more open with each other than we've ever been.  It's been a good thing for me. 

This past week we've actually had two date nights.  Yes, two in one week!  Now that the kids are getting older it's much easier to get out together.  

Last Sunday they both slept over at friends houses since there was no school on Monday so we used up our Chili's gift card and part of our Marcus Movie theater gift card that we got for Christmas.  We ended up getting to the theater pretty early so we snapped this photo  while sitting in the car.

We saw "The Dilemma" with Kevin James and Vince Vaughn.  I love Kevin, Vince? Eh, I can take him or leave him.  The movie was pretty good though.  We both liked it. And I didn't realize until the movie started that Channing Tatum was also in it!  Yum.....

Another reason to smile. (shhh....don't tell hubby) I was trying to decide between shirtless and tuxedo.  While he looked hot in the tuxedo, shirtless ultimately won out.  

You're welcome.

Then on Saturday we had tickets to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood from the "Whose Line Is It Anyway" show.  We love going to see them.  This was like our 4th year in a row and it doesn't get old.  It's all improv so even though they play some of the same games each year it's always different.  So we snapped another photo that night. 

I don't know how many we took and deleted because I hated how I looked!  People must have thought we were nuts!  Looks pretty similar to the other though doesn't it.  Oh well. 

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Amy said...

I admire you and your husband for your great relationship/communication! That's awesome :)

We saw The Dilemma too. You can have Kevin and I'll take Vince...he's tall and cute and mmm, that other shirtless dude, who I never even noticed *ahem* well, he's too young for me...haha!

great shots of the two of you!

Snowcatcher said...

When you have a great relationship with your spouse, everything else in the world does seem better and easier to conquer. Thanks for sharing!

Mamarazzi said...

fun!! i love date nights with my hubz...yay for time to reconnect!

alicia said...

Nothing better than connecting with the hubs. Dates are a bonus. Sounds like much to smile about in your life. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up. :)

Shannon said...

2 date nights in one week... woohoo!