Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Introducing...........Wesley the Hamster

Well, she did it.  She wore us down and we finally gave in to getting a pet.  We talked her down from a dog though.  I just cannot see hubby and I with a dog!

So a hamster it is.  We kind of surprised her.  She was talking about it for quite some time and kept asking me about it.  Well, I told her we had to discuss it with Daddy.  He works second shift so they don't see him that often but she would never bring it up to him.  I think she was afraid he'd say no without giving her a chance. 

So in the mean time while she was waiting for the day he was off and was going to bring it up I talked to him and we decided to go ahead with it.  We checked out some cages and ended up ordering one online because it was much cheaper.

She was so impatient waiting for that thing to get here!  Once it did she did a little happy dance and was ready to dig right in. 

But me being the all time worst at putting those types of things together and of course the mean mom that I am made her wait 2 whole days until Daddy was able to help her. 

They got it all put together Saturday night, then came the wait for actually getting the hamster.  We originally had told her we were going to get it through the humane society.  Well there really isn't much of a selection and considering the fact they only live 2-3.5 years or so getting an adult one means he's already got one foot in the grave!  lol

We went yesterday with the intent of just getting some bedding and stuff but ended up deciding to just get one while at Petco.  We narrowly missed purchasing a pregnant one that we thought was a male!!  While waiting for the guy to come back to help, she had chosen one because of the size and because we thought it was the only male.  She was checking him out and all of a sudden says "Ewww!  What's that he's eating?  It's all pink and gross!"

My immediate thought was not a baby hamster!  She said it looked like it had little arms.  So hubby got down to look and said that yeah it looked like a little baby.  The guy comes back asks if we had any questions and I said "Yeah, if this ones a male what's with the little baby it looks like it's eating?"  He was a little shocked, said he just cleaned out that cage and there were no babies.  He checked it out.  Yup, sure enough.  Female.  Just cleaning the baby, not eating!  Whew.  They had the tags mixed up.  So we chose another.  And he double checked the sex.  Hope he was right!

I wanted to get a pic of her holding him but of course he was a little skittish so we just let him be to get used to his new home.  BTW, if you've seen "The Princess Bride" you'll know where the name came from.  Though she didn't want to spell it the same.......the movie character is actually Westley, with a T.

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Amy said...

Oooh, ewwwww! hahaha! I have mixed feelings for those. They are too close to a RAT for me! But I love that last pic where he's peeping out for the picture..LOL! And I laughed at your "one foot in the grave" comment..too funny!