Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My daughter Skowt and her friends are part of a group at school called "Students 4 Service".  They do service projects, volunteer their time and fund raise for different causes.

Each year the teacher has them Trick or Treat for change and they donate all the money they collect to the local food pantry.  Skowt and three friends went out last night in our neighborhood.  I'm proud to say that in just 2 short hours they collected almost $200!!  They got some candy too...Bonus!

At one of the houses a guy threw in 3 bills.  Well, as the girls walked away they realized one of them was a 100 bill and not a single like the other two.  They quickly discussed it among themselves and went right back to the house and asked the guy if he meant to put that in there.  He of course did not, he thought it was a 3rd single and thanked them for returning it.  He said he would have given them about $20 to start but saw that he only had a couple small bills.  So proud to hear that they were all honest and returned the money.  Guess, I'm doing something right!

Was a little disappointed to hear how rude some people were to them though!!  One woman, as soon as she saw them at the door said "I wasn't planning on giving any candy to teenagers!" 
What has she got against them?  Would she rather they were out causing trouble??  Once they explained what they were doing she did change her idea of them and gave them some money.  sheesh.
Another guy yelled to his wife from the background not to give them money cuz they were probably just gonna keep it for themselves and buy booze.  Excuse me??  Of course when I asked my daughter what house he was at she "forgot". 

Here are my kids dressed up last night for Trick or Treating....

She was going for Lady GaGa but we had to work with what we had! 

The Mad Hatter

Happy Halloween!!

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