Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wreck this Journal {Update #3}

Yeah, well so much for doing this regularly!  It was only last November that I started this journal project.  That's me, start something new and not keep it up or follow through. 

So I was sitting in the car the last night waiting for Tiger while she had her riding lesson.  I had brought some stuff to do while I waited but was still bored!  I had my Wreck this Journal in the bag and decided it was about time to work on it some more.

I opened it up to this page:

OK, I'll do this one!

So I carefully removed tore out the page.

I folded it up.

And stuck it in my pocket!

I put in through the wash today.  But not without some planning, which of course goes totally against the point of the book!  I first had it in the pocket of my zip up hoodie.  But I thought it may fall out and get torn up to pieces in the washer.  So I ended up putting it in the back pocket of my jeans.  It made it through and was still inside the pocket when I removed them. 

What I didn't account for was the dryer.

That's when it came out of the pocket and ripped into 3 pieces and got all wadded up.  So maybe it wasn't supposed to go in the dryer.

It didn't say to put it in there.  But it didn't say not to.

Whatever.  I flattened it out. 

And taped it back together.

It's now resting peacefully back in it's place in the book.

It shrunk though.


Aim said...

too funny. I haven't done that page yet. I will remember not to put it in the dryer. :-)

Amy said...

I love this post! Too cool :)