Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do they listen?

Not always.  Especially when I tell them to clean up their rooms or put away their clothes.  Just like every kid.  But there are some things you say that you really hope they are paying attention to and will hang out in their brains until needed at a later date!

I've got two kids.  I'm always wondering if I'm raising them right, being a good mom, doing the right thing, setting a good example.  Will they turn out to be decent, loving, strong women?  Will they make the right decisions?

Back in April of this year when we took our trip to Tennessee we stopped at a grocery store one night to pick up a few things.  My mom and Tiger went in while Skowt, hubby and I waited in the car.  It was a nice night so we had the windows open. 

While waiting a fairly young couple came out of the store and walked to a car a few spaces over from ours.  When they got near it all you could hear was the guy yelling and screaming at the girl.  Swearing, calling her names, telling her how stupid she was etc.  I don't even remember all he said.  I just remember it was awful.  He got in the drivers side and she was on the passenger side and paused for a moment.  You could tell she was crying.  I remember thinking "Don't do it.  Don't get in that car."  

She did and he sped off.  Without thinking I turned to my daughter and said "If you are ever with a guy and he talks to you like that don't get in the car.  Go back inside, call me and I will come get you"  She just looked at me and said OK.  She seemed kind of stunned.  I think it was a combination of what she heard from him and from what I told her.  But that was the end of it.  I never went any further or brought it up again.  

I don't know if it had any impact on her or not.  I pray that she never finds herself in a similar situation.  I just hope that it sticks with her and she remembers what I said if she should ever find herself being treated so cruelly and that she will have the guts to walk away.


Amy said...

I talk to my girls all the time about relationships, men, dating, etc and they have pretty much heard it all. I think you did the right thing in telling her that...and you shoulda punched out the hateful guy! :P

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope she remembers. No one needs to be treated that way.

Stopping from SITS!

Jean said...

It's good to turn that scene into a lesson for your child.
Visiting from SITS.