Friday, May 14, 2010

Vacation.....all I ever wanted!

Jeez, why does is always take me so long to blog about things I do?  I've been back from vacation for two weeks already!  I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible.  We didn't cram a whole lot into the vacation so it shouldn't be too hard.

  • We left on Wednesday morning and drove down to TN which took us most of the day.  We got in around dinner time and the town we were staying in was so small we had to cross back over the border to Kentucky to find a place to eat!
  • Thursday we didn't do all that much.  Just kind of hung around while waiting for other family to get in and then met up with them.  I met with the bride, groom and the other photographer to discuss our game plan.  Then we went over to the brides home/farm to meet her family.  Took a walk around the farm.

  • Friday morning we took a walk around the little town our hotel was in and I found this cool truck to photograph.  We went to lunch with my aunt and uncle from Washington and then got lost trying to find the church where we were all meeting to set up the hall and then have the rehearsal.

  • Saturday was the wedding!  Very nice, but a long day for me.  I even got hubby to dance with me!
  • Sunday morning hubby and the girls left for home while my mom, aunt and I headed to Pigeon Forge.  My other aunt and uncle had rented a couple condos for us to stay for the week following the wedding.  That afternoon we drove to NC to do a little gambling.  We didn't stay as long as we planned because our money didn't last that long. Which was good because on the drive back through the Smoky Mountains we hit the lookout we wanted to stop at at just the right time as the sun was setting!

  • Monday was the day mom got sick
  • Tuesday we walked around a section of Pigeon Forge called the Old Mill Square that had a bunch of cool little shops and we ate at the Old Mill Restaurant for lunch.  Mom stayed back at the condo to rest.  Also went to the Beef Jerky Outlet.  One store, all beef jerky!

  • Wednesday was Dollywood day.  My aunt and uncle really wanted to go so my other aunt and I went along.  My mom stayed at the condo again.  It was OK, but not really my thing because I'm not really a Dolly Parton or country music fan.  But my aunt and I made the best of it.  My uncle really enjoyed the shows they saw and had fun.  They have a cool habitat there where they rescue injured wild birds and eagles, then breed the eagles and release the new birds into the wild.  So we saw the bird show.

  • Thursday we visited Gatlinburg.  We basically just roamed around the main drag and shopped.  Ate at the Hard Rock there and made sure we visited Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Run Forest Run!!

Then on Friday we headed home.  We spent most of the day in the car headed to WI.  My one aunt joined us and spent a couple days at our house before heading home to MA.  Nothing exciting once we got back here.  Just spent time together, went to a movie out to dinner and watched some good ole TV!

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alicia said...

We went to Pigeon Forge for a reunion last year. Great pics!!