Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vacation curse?

My vacation is just about over.  My aunt, who drove back home with us from TN leaves for home today.  She still lives in MA, in our home town.  I still have at least two days off of work (need to call and check on my schedule today) but it will pretty much be back to normal after she leaves.  I don't want it to end, I want to be on permanent vacation.

That is as long as everyone stays healthy!!  I'd like to know what's up with our family.  Seems like every time a bunch of us get together lately someone gets sick.  It's getting ridiculous!

This time it was my mom. We ended up spending the entire day last Monday (April 26th) in the emergency room.  She had been having some stomach issues for a couple weeks prior, thought it was just constipation or something and that it would go away.  Well she woke up at 5am that Monday in extreme pain and could barely do anything.  So around 10am we took her to the nearest clinic, who then told us she needed to get to the emergency room.

Turns out she had an abscess.  After hours of being in pain and a few choice words with the emergency room doctor they finally gave her pain meds around 6pm.  They then prescribed some antibiotics and we were able to leave around 10pm.  Long day!

But the good thing is the medication has helped.  She is feeling much better.  Saw her doctor yesterday and based on the blood work the infection is clearing up.  She still needs to go for a CT scan and a colonoscopy to make sure everything is gone.

But this is the fourth time now that someone has gotten sick when our family members get together for vacation.  We all joked about not getting together again because we didn't want to be the next one to get sick.

Other than that we had a nice time.  The wedding went well and I'm relieved it's over.  I have a ton of photos to edit so I need to get to work!  I will definitely share some of the wedding and some other adventures over the coming days.  Stay tuned.


Amy said...

Glad you are back...missed ya! Good to know your mom is ok and it wasn't anything more serious.

Cascia said...

Sorry to hear that your mom got sick. I hope they find out what caused it and it isn't anything serious. Take care!

Jenny said...

haha that sucks. that's like me everytime i take a holiday i get sick or break something. then they wonder why i am a hermit.