Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Quit

I did it.  After months of debating with myself over what to do, I finally decided to just do it.  I quit my part time job and plan to focus more on my photography.

Ya, I know, most people say "Don't quit your day job until you have money coming in from it."  But that just wasn't working for me.  I think the fact that I had a job and knew I was making regular money (little that it was) was keeping me from focusing.  That combined with how great I am at procrastinating!

I also think the fact that I didn't like the job so much was working against me too.  To most people that would be an incentive to work harder to get out. To me it just caused me stress, coming home in a bad mood time after time, taking it out on my family, dreading having to go get up early and go in on days my whole family was home.......I focused too much on that and wasn't able to get other things done.

I'm nervous and scared about doing this and how things will go.  But I'm also looking forward to it, having the summer to spend with my kids and more time to do the things I want to do.

Hubby has been super about supporting my decision and encouraging me to take that leap.  I know I couldn't do this without his support!


Aim said...

YAY! Good for you. You're photos are great so I know that you can do great things on your own. How exciting.

Amy said...

I am so happy for you! I know you can do it and you will be great! If only I could, then life would be perfect... :)