Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Geocaching: Our first attempt

First of all, I have to say..........OMG! Has it really been 2 whole weeks since I updated my blog? Wow. I'm such a slacker. Like you didn't already know.

Anyway, we went out Sunday to try our hand at geocaching for the first time. We had ordered a handheld GPS from my hubby's incentive program at work. We had no clue what kind to get but we figured we'd try this's free. And if we decide we like geocaching and need something better we'll look into a better one once we know what we are doing! Don't they all look confused??

We started off with one that was really close to home. It was right across the highway on the hill behind Tiger's school. We've been up that hill a few times before. It was rated a 2 out of 5 in difficulty so we thought it shouldn't be too hard. We thought wrong.

It took us a while to get the hang of the GPS (we walked around in circles a few times). But once we did we were able to follow it to the coordinates, which were off the main trial so we were wondering if we were doing it right. We found the spot and nothing........

It was right in the thick of the brush with trees all around. We looked all over within about 20 feet in each direction and in all the surrounding trees but came up with nothing.

We searched for probably about 45 minutes. We were all a bit disappointed that we didn't find it but it was our first time and weren't exactly sure what we were looking for! We plan to try again this weekend, hopefully with a better outcome.


Aim said...

I did that out at girl scout camp last spring. Very fun. I've never tried any public courses. Keep us posted on your next outing. BTW, 2 weeks goes by very quickly. No worries!

Amy said...

That looks like fun! I clicked on the link and put in my zip code and there was actually one hidden in a nearby park...but found already :(