Friday, September 4, 2009

Better safe than sorry

There never seems to be a lack of excitement at work. This morning I was back in the deli area baking and a coworker came back asking me what I was burning. Nothing of course!

I walked out in the main area of the store and could smell what he was taking about. There was also a haze around the ceiling. A few customers also mentioned they smelled something burning. We walked around the entire store but couldn't find the source. Another coworker who was back in the office came out shortly to ask us if we smelled anything.

We figured it was probably something in the heating/cooling system but decided to play it safe and call the fire department just to be sure. They had us evacuate the building. Within a couple minutes the police showed up and blocked the entrances to the parking lot. As we were leaving the building I did one last check to see that everyone had exited and found that there was still a guy in the men's room. I let the male cop who was in the building deal with him!

The fire dept showed up shortly after, did a once over of the building and came out to ask us what happened. The assistant manager went inside with them to explain what happened and within a total of no more that 15 minutes they were giving us the all clear to go back in. Huh? What? That was quick. No checking the duct work to see if there was anything? No climbing up on the roof? I expected to be waiting for quite some time. I guess they know what they are doing.

We called they guy to come check the cooling system. Turns out there there was a bad part that caused a belt to get stuck and burn out and that is what we smelled.

Never a dull moment!

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