Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And they're off

Today was the first day of school. And of course being the great mom that I am I couldn't let the morning pass without forcing my kids to pose for pics before heading off for the day.

Miss Skowt started High School today. I think I've been more nervous about it than her. That is until the time came that she had to head out to catch the bus. She leaned over and held her stomach saying that it hit her all of a sudden and she was really nervous! But she made it on the bus and as far as I know has made it through the day. Actually as I type this her day should be ending.

Last night she had to made sure her nails were perfect. She now has matching black fingers and toes. She's going all goth on us! lol

But of course the photo that turned out the best of her was the one where daddy had to make an appearance!

My baby, Tiger, started 5th grade today. She's at the intermediate (5th -8th grade) school this year and thinks she's all important now. She gets to have her own locker!

Of course daddy had to get in on the action with her too!

They will both be gone by 7:30 this year so I have all these plans to be all productive this year. Yeah right......we'll try again tomorrow. After they left today hubby and I took a ride and went to breakfast. When we got back we talked a bit and while he headed to the store I laid back down because I was so tired....stayed up a bit too late last night after getting up at 4:45 the previous two days. I just got up when he left for work, had some lunch and here I am.

They should be home in about 30 minutes....this first day went by way too fast. Maybe I shouldn't sleep 2 1/2 hours of it away like that!


Amy said...

Love the toenails! My girls wear uniforms. Which I am grateful for...much cheaper that way :)

loriz1213 said...

Love the pics and how Craig snuck in on a couple lol!