Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Just a bunch of random thoughts because none of them are worthy of a full blog post.

*I have off of work today, but I still have to go in at 1pm for a store meeting. Grrrr!!

*I am almost done reading Midnight Sun. I held off for a long time because I wasn't sure if I wanted to or if it was the right thing to do because of how it was leaked. But I am soooo loving it. It gives a whole new dimension to the story of Bella and Edward. I'm gonna be bummed in 46 more pages when it just cuts off in the middle of the story! Will she ever get over the hurt enough to finish and publish it? I hope so!

*I watched the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. Did you? I am so too old for that! LOL Some stuff was funny, but some of it was just stupid and crude. And my kids wonder why they can't watch. I'd love for them to see their favorite stars on TV like I used to when I was a kid, it's all that other crap they throw in that they don't need. Anyway, why did I even watch? Well to catch a glimpse at Robert Pattinson of course! Oh and to see the premiere of the New Moon movie trailer!! It's way cool and I'm looking forward to November 20th!

*The guinea pigs get to go home today! Yay! Actually they really haven't been that much of a bother it's just that they smell and they are making a mess of Skowt's carpet! Tiger is sad to see them go. She is now bugging me for a hamster, while Skowt is going for a bunny.

*Skowt wants to join the tennis team next year in High School. I am trying to get info on that and get her signed up for some summer activities and lessons but NOBODY is calling me back. It's getting quite annoying. Doesn't anyone return phone calls anymore. Why have voicemail if you aren't going to call me back?

*I am really frustrated with the school drop off line in the morning! How difficult is it to pull all the way forward to the end of the drop off lane? Why does everyone feel they have to drop their kid right at the front door and cause a huge backup out to the street on some days?

*And last for today and the reason I'm doing this all inclusive thoughts post........I NEED HELP! I was worried when I started my blog almost 2 years that I'd run out of stuff to talk about. Guess what? It seems to be happening. The more I fret about it the more blocked I get! So give me some ideas, tag me.......something to get the juices flowing! Because as much as I've come to love blogging, I've started to consider giving it up. My two year blogoversary is coming up in 21 days and I got nothing.


kristi said...

Sometimes I get blocked too. I use random photos, or tell a story from my past. Maybe talk about someone who has died and that I miss a lot.

ModernMom said...

Hey so great to "meet" you! I love random posts like this b/c they give you so much info at once.
You need ideas? Mmmm
How about...most embarrassing moment ever.
You secret guilty pleasure.
The 25th picture on your camera card. What is that about?

Look forward to reading lots more from you!

Amy said...

Ok, so you are NOT going anywhere, I just won't allow it! HEHE!

Go over to mamakatslosinit and get some prompts from her, she should have something up tomorrow, and she usually posts a few. Go with a different one each day.

Talk about stuff from the past, like kristi suggested. I do that alot. Talk about movies and stars you like(d) and tv shows. Songs. Toys. Pregnancy. Old Boyfriends/girlfriends/family members. Recipes you use frequently. Tell us about your job current and past.

The possibilities are endless. Don't go anywhere, I will cry! :)

Aim said...

Hey! No going away. I think we all cycle through that. Don't worry, it will all come back around. I'm going to email you a list.