Monday, June 15, 2009

18 and Life

The other day hubby and I were talking about our anniversary plans. Yup, today we've been married 18 years!!

Anyway, I've been wanting a tattoo and mentioned something about him getting one also. He said maybe we could get something as an anniversary celebration and then the Skid Row song "18 and Life" came on the radio. "That's it!" he said "It could say 18 and Life. We've been married 18 years and are in it for life".

Um, yeah, nice thought but I really don't think that's what the song is about and I'm not getting that written on my body for all eternity!

So this morning on my way to work I was thinking about it being 18 years! Wow! Then it dawned on me. I'm 39. That is almost half my life. That make it sound like such a long time! Great another thing to make me feel old!

Happy Anniversary Babe! Love you!


Lori Z. said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Craig!! Um, I agree about the tattoo, 18 and Life....uh NO! I mean, then what would you do for each following year?!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! 18 years, wow! I was just thinking the other day, if my ex and I were still together it would have been that long, not married, but together. Congrats to you for making it this far and for many more years to come :)

Aim said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Don't you just want to get his name tattooed on your butt?!? LOL. I'm sure whatever you decide will be cool.