Saturday, June 6, 2009

The first step

Well, I took the first step toward making my dream of doing something with my photography a reality. I enrolled in one of the online classes I was thinking about taking. Big time.

Late last night I clicked on over to Better Photo to see when the next round of classes start. Well, they actually started on Wednesday June 3rd but they were still accepting enrollment in a bunch of classes that weren't full yet. Including the first one I was thinking of taking. It's a class to help you master my particular Canon camera model. Now while I've had this camera for over two years now, I'm sure there are quite a few things on there that I have no clue it can do. So while some of it may be a review for me (which can only help, right? And improve my skills) I'm hoping to learn some new tricks.

I was nervous about signing up for anything in the first place. Wondering if I'll be able to find the time and discipline to get the assignments done and be happy with how they turn out. But if that's not enough I'm starting off 3 days behind!!
Way to put stress on myself!

I got the emails today about how to get started and a pre-class survey to fill out so I guess I better stop blogging and get to work!

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Aim said...

how funny! I was thinking about your business this weekend. I need to touch base with you about a time and place for our family pix! Good job signing up for the class. You'll do fine.