Saturday, February 28, 2009

Google Game

I saw this over on Amy's blog and thought I'd give it a try since I'm at a loss for topics lately. What you do is go to Google, and type in your name & a word (see list below) and see what comes up. There's no tagging allowed, but if you do try this, let me know.

I didn't necessarily go with the first one that came up. Some didn't make sense or were just plain creepy! Much of the stuff that came up had to do with Jamie Lynn Spears

Lynn Needs: to develop a larger repertoire of reading vocabulary.
Lynn Looks: ahead to 2009
Lynn Likes: grapes but not potatoes (no I like 'em both)
Lynn Says: no Hollywood for her right now (I need a break from the spotlight)

Lynn Wants: to run away (sometimes I do feel that way!)
Lynn Does: damage control
Lynn Hates: Common Sense, Loves Wasting Time (I don't know about hating common sense, but I am good at the wasting time thing!)
Lynn Can: help (well I'll try)
Lynn Goes: crazy (yup, I'd say that's pretty accurate!)
Lynn Loves: actually loves Joel (um, who is Joel?)

1 comment:

Aim said...

enjoy your break from the spotlight LOL. that is pretty funny. I took photos for the purse meme that Amy did, but they are still on my camera.