Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We survived!

Skowt survived her first full night of babysitting! And with 3 kids. I'm impressed. She even changed her first diaper on her own......without getting peed on, I might add! :-)~

Mom survived the night too. Didn't worry myself to death wondering if she was OK. I was even able to get to sleep (I had to work early the next morning). Hubby did the waiting up for her. I of course did wake up when she came home and he came to bed. Then had to drill him on how everything went before I could get back to sleep.

She's working on saving money for her band trip to Florida next year. She already has almost $100. We don't have an exact figure yet but based on what they estimated she's only has about $550 more to go! She is determined to save it all herself. For some reason I think she thinks we won't let her go if she doesn't come up with the money on her own.

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Aim said...

Good job, Skowt! Lynn, let her keep thinking she needs to make her own money! it's good for her. Lyric had pretty much covered her whole NYC trip herself. Can't wait to see you Thursday!