Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

Despite all of Skowt's best efforts we still ended up having a snow day from school today. She insisted we weren't going to have one. She didn't want the winter break to be any longer than it already was, 16 days. Because that was already too long and she thinks she'll be bored.

She set her alarm because she would be getting up for school and she refused to participate in any of the superstitions her friends told her would ensure a snow day.

For future reference, here is all you have to do when you want a snow day from school.

1. Sleep with a spoon under your pillow. (She did not specify what kind, but I'm curious. The bigger the spoon, the more snow?)

2. Flush 7 ice cubes down the toilet. (seven is the magic number I guess.)

3. Sleep with your pajamas on inside out.
and if that's not enough.....

4. Sleep with 2 different socks on, both inside out.

She wasn't sure if you had to do all of them at once but I'm guessing your chances of snow are better if you do all four!

Good luck the next time you need a day off!


Amy said...

Ha! I guarantee you that crap wouldn't work's 80 degrees and muggy out. Yuck!!

Aim said...

that's funny. I had one that wanted a snow day and one that didn't. Snow day it was!