Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sparkly Vampires and Super Hero Dogs

So after a super long wait of a whole week and a half, I finally got to go see Twilight today. Skowt and I went to see it this afternoon because it was an early release day at school. Tiger went to see Bolt with my mom. I feel like I saw two movies because Tiger recounted the entire movie to me on the car ride to the restaurant and during dinner.

We loved it! I was a little concerned (as I always am seeing a movie based on a book I liked) about whether I would enjoy it or not. But I was not disappointed at all. Yeah, there were some differences between the movie and the book, but nothing that really affects or changes the flow of the story of Bella and Edward. Skowt actually got up during the most exciting part to go to the bathroom. Huh? you wanna go now? I found out later it was cuz she was feeling a little queasy seeing blood.

Now I can continue reading the rest of the series. Not that I couldn't before but I finished this book so close to the release of the movie that I just wanted to wait and see it before continuing. I'm just weird that way. I didn't want to start confusing the the two. Like with Harry Potter, whenever I discuss it I have to stop and think about what happened in what book. I think the Twilight series is going to become another big favorite of mine just like the HP books and movies.

I must admit that I'm a little worried that I won't like the rest of the series or should I say the outcome of them. From the very few spoilerish things I've let myself read online I'm wondering how the story is played out. The fact that a "team Jacob" even exists scares me!

Yes, I'm becoming obsessed with a series originally geared toward teenage girls. I'm such a dork. I'm totally a 14 year old stuck in a 39 year old's body.

The good thing about that though, is that I can give myself permission to do things that my mom wouldn't let me do! So there!


Stephanie said...

Hola from Sits! I haven't read the books yet...but I wasn't a fan of the movie...My little cousin looks somuch like the main character it drove me bonkers! It was cute...just not my style! I love I probably would love Twighlight series!

Amy said...

I loved it too! My daughters (especially my oldest) is in love with Edward now. LOL!

DOn't worry too much about Jacob. I am happy with what has occured up through the last book. Just waiting on a 5th now :D

Aim said...

I will tell you, and may have already, I had a really hard time getting into book 2, but Kelley told me it would be worth it to stick with it,and it was. We saw the movie on Thanksgiving. I liked the movie as a movie, but I still like the book better. That probably totally confused you, right? lol

Shannon said...

Well, I'm obsessed, too. So I'm a dork right along with ya! ;)

Mrs. S said...

thanks for stopping by yesterday! I appreciate all the kind comments.

Zen Ventures said...

I'm glad to know that you have a good review on this movie. I've heard a lot of peeps actually saying the opposite. Thanks for sharing your Twilight experience :)