Friday, July 22, 2011


My girls are growing up in the digital age of texting, IMing, facebook etc.  I never had that as a kid.

I was trying to explain to my oldest how things were so different for me.  

I didn't spend the evening texting or chatting with my friends on facebook.  We would call each other on the land line and talk for hours.  One friend at a time.  I couldn't chat with 5 people at once!

We didn't send emails or facebook messages we wrote letters to each other and gave them to our friends the next day at school.

We didn't update our status, we passed hand written notes between classes.  

Really mom?  yeah, we had it rough!  

But I kinda miss that.  

I had saved a shoe box full of notes from my friends that I would periodically go back and look at.  Years ago for some reason I decided I didn't need them anymore and threw them out.  
I really wish I hadn't.  I'd love to go back and look at them now.  See what was so important to us then.

I pulled out my old yearbooks and looked at what people wrote.  Laughing at old times.  Wondering what kind of dumb stuff I wrote in other's books that people are laughing at now.  Remembering how I felt when a guy I secretly liked wrote in my year book and how we used to goof around in the class we had together.  Wondering what I wrote in his book!

My daughter doesn't get to do that.  They don't get their yearbook until the beginning of the following school year.  They don't have the last week of school to write silly things in each other's books.  They won't have that to look back on when they are my age. 

That kind of makes me sad.

It's not just that.  I kinda miss that whole time in my life.
So many people say they wouldn't want to relive their high school years.  Yeah, there were some not so great times.  Like not having a boyfriend, then missing out on homecoming dances and prom because of it, not being popular and being snubbed by those who were or getting picked on.

But there were fun times too.  Hanging out with my girlfriends, going to Friday night football games and dances, sleepovers almost every weekend, daydreaming out loud about the guys we had crushes on.  

Where am I going with all this rambling?  

I guess I've just been thinking about it a lot lately since my daughter is in the middle of it all right now.  Maybe trying to "relive" that time through her and hearing about things going on in her life.

Hoping that she has a good high school experience, doesn't miss out on things I did and remembers it fondly without some of the regret I have.  

Just feeling very strange and nostalgic now.  


Amy said...

I didn't have much of a great experience in high school either and I can honestly say I would not go back! For anything!

The simplicity of it was so funny now that you think about all of the technology they have these days, you are right!

Aim said...

I thought the whole point of yearbooks was to help you remember that year?? My girls still get them the last week or two of school. I'm glad for that.