Sunday, August 29, 2010

My little equestrienne

Yes, I had to look up the spelling of my post title!!  I didn't realize there was a feminine version of the word equestrian.  Anyhoo....

I think Tiger has finally found her "thing"! 

Riding horses!

She tried different sports, dancing, saxophone and clarinet.  But she never seemed to really get into any of them.  It's taken a while and much frustration from me because she always seemed to want to quit everything she signed up for but I think this is finally it.

All 3 of the people who helped out asked me if she had ever ridden or had a lesson before.  She's been on a horse twice before this and only on one of those trail rides in the Wisconsin Dells.  Where they just stick you on a horse and they just follow each other along a trail.  No formal training.  But they all could not believe how well she was doing for her first lesson.  Looks like she's a natural.

She's been bugging me for lessons for quite some time now but I was always hesitant given her past history and what I thought the lessons would cost.  But the place we found is pretty reasonable and they are flexible with how often she will be taking lessons. 

She hasn't stopped talking about it since her lesson ended at 1pm on Friday.  In fact she is in her bedroom right now teaching her older sister everything she learned!

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alicia said...

OK, you're puttin the bug in my ear. This sounds just like my daughter. She's tried gymnastics and dance and piano and all she has been asking for is horse riding lessons. Maybe it's time to give in. Thanks for the push. I'd love ya to come join me on my smile crusade...