Monday, August 30, 2010

Do they think I'm made of money?

My kids start school Wednesday so we are officially broke!

Registration fees..........public school is no longer FREE!

Athletic fees so my daughter can participate in tennis and track.

School photos....because even though they suck, I've been getting them all along and have a frame going for each kid so I get the minimum package.

School supplies...........because they "need" all this stuff that they come home with at the end of the year less than half used!  Seriously, my kids have come home with 5 different color notebooks that they had to have with maybe 10 pages used in each.  Really???  This year I tried to recycle a bit more than in the past.  Still had to shell out a decent amount though because they both needed new backpacks and lunch bags. 

Tennis dues.......they collect from each player to pay for the banquet, a place mat they make for each girl, parents night and coach gifts.

A new tennis there some reason they can't wear the same style two years in a row??  Ugh!  Never mind the fact that they have to BUY the dress in the first place.  All the other sports have school owned uniforms!

Pep band shirt......again, is it so awful to wear the same shirt from last year?  I guess so!

Band field trip.........yup, school hasn't even started and we've already had to pay for a field trip!

And who knows what else!  I guarantee that both kids will come home the first week with something else they need money for.  I'm already hearing rumors about a $100+ calculator that my daughter is supposed to need for honors Algebra. 


Nicole said...

I'm with you Lynn. It about kills me every year! And, I just don't get why we have to have new uniforms for everything every single year. Drives me insane!

Aim said...

those calculators are killer! i think dan spent $150 on one for Han. Think of it this way though: it's still cheaper than private school. :-)

Amy said...

I hear ya! I have one in private and one in public....private beats public on the cost, but the fundraisers are nuts! We have one starting this week...everyone is broke, I don't know who they expect us to sell to! :(