Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday: The Monkees

I really wish I could keep this up and get in the habit of doing a flashback post every Friday!!  I haven't done one since last year!
Anyway, today hubby and I were talking about old TV shows we used to watch and maybe putting some on our netflix cue to revisit some of them.  We'd probably laugh our butts off wondering why we ever watched this lame stuff.  My mom and Tiger have been watching Emergency on the MeTv channel lately.  It is so corny!
One of my favorites as a kid was The Monkees.  No, I'm not old enough to have watched it the first time around!  Though I'm not that far off I guess.  It was the mid 70s and my cousin and I loved watching the reruns.  Though at the time we had no clue they were reruns. 
Anytime we got together we would play Monkees.  Her and I would fight over who would be Davy because he was our favorite.  The other would then be Mike.  We would make my brother and her sister play Peter and Mickey. 
We used to listen to the theme song and wonder why they never came to our town!

Years later I got a chance to see a reunion tour with Davy, Peter and Mickey.  It was fun but not quite what I hoped.  I guess I still had the TV image of them in my head.  I still have the Tshirt I bought!

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Amy said...

I vaguely remember watching some of their shows. I was more in to the Brady Bunch and stuff like that about lame! :)