Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Did you ever have a post all ready to go in your mind, then get online and type most of it up only to double check one thing and realize you had a key point in the story wrong and your post is now pointless?

Yeah, well that's what happened to me this morning so now all you get is me rambling about it.  Because dang it I was all ready to post something today and I'm going to!  Whatever, it was kinda lame anyway, I guess.

I feel cheated.  Now you can too!

Reading this is 30 seconds you'll never get back.

And why is it that everyone in my family can eat just half a bagel when they are not that hungry, but then no one will ever eat the other half? 


Aim said...

You shoulda still posted, with the correction. I think I've done that before! I'm gonna need some new "family" pix here pretty soon. You in??

Amy said...

Too funny! Love the 'stand in' post, better than nuttin!

Oh and if I had HALF of the wasted food back that my kids throw out, we could eat for a year!

P.S. love Eddie up there ^ mmmm!

Mrs4444 said...

I actually kind of feel this way about my Monday post. The meme didn't go over as well as my other two (Fridays and Saturdays), so my heart wasn't as in it as usual, but I felt like I had to follow through. Oh well...