Friday, February 5, 2010

It's so cold in Wisconsin......

That even the bulldozers need blankets!
LOL! Not my best joke but hubby thought it was hilarious and wanted me to post it!

While doing the project 365 there are days when I feel like I'm lucky I even have a photo to post. And other days when it's hard to pick one. Yesterday I had a few to choose from and thought I'd share a couple that didn't make the "final cut".

I'm curious as to how long this building has been abandoned since there are trees growing inside the walls! Seriously, look at the height of that one!
Anyway, just some interesting sights we came across yesterday.
You can see all the daily photos on my other blog.....

1 comment:

Aim said...

as a mid west girl, I love the bulldozer joke. :-)