Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Little bit of this....

.....a little bit of that.

Gosh, lately I feel like I've been MIA from the blog world more that I'm here! Not posting, not reading.

Last week I was a bit under the weather and barely logged on the computer except to check emails and play a few games.

I'm out of the loop! And not just here.......I totally spaced out and forgot my niece's birthday. We live about 3 hours away so we don't see them as regularly as we'd like but I usually at least call to wish her a happy bday! Ugh. I'm such a bad aunt.

Not such a great mom either. I didn't want to get into it to day with Tiger and just let her eat Cheez It's for breakfast. She had milk with them! lol

I'm on my 3rd of 9 days off in a row. Don't know exactly how that happened but I'll take it. But I just wish I could get my act together and get into some kind of schedule to get things done! Why is it that at work I'm constantly going and checking things off my list and at home, not so much. Is it just me? Please tell me it's not just me!

I'm heading out today to have lunch with a friend I used to work with. It's been years since we've gotten together. I ran into her when I stopped back in to the bank I used to work at to close some accounts and saw that she was there in another department. We always say we'll keep in touch but it's so easy to loose touch with people when you don't see them on a regular basis.

And just one more thing and I'll stop the rambling for today.....

Are you or someone you know turning 40 in the next year? You know I am! If so, come on over and check out the new blog that Aim and I have set up. Well, Ok....she set it up, I'm just tagging along. LOL

Anyway, we both wanted to do something to celebrate our 40th so we came up with the idea of Paying it 40. What does that mean? Click on the link and see for yourself! Hope you'll join us!

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Aim said...

It's not just you! I can totally have a bunch of days off and be completely unproductive! Thanks for throwing out the new link! I hope we get a whole bunch of people to play along. You'll be up first...:-) See you soon.