Monday, October 5, 2009


My daughter marched in her first Homecoming parade on Friday:

Then she went to her first Homecoming Dance on Saturday:

I think she's growing up way too fast!

They also performed at half time during the football game. It brought back lots of fond memories of my days of marching in High School.

Memories of Homecoming dances? Not so much. Can't say I ever went. She didn't have a date, she just went with a bunch of friends. Something I never would have dreamed of doing! I'm glad she went and got to experience it.


Amy said...

That's awesome that she went to the dance with friends. I never went at all...if only I could go back in time :)

She looks great, I love her dress!

Aim said...

That's cool! Our homecoming is next week. A lot of han's friends are going sans date. She has a "date" but it's her best friend (who is a boy). I did go to one homecoming dance and one prom during HS. I want to see a full view of dress! It looks similar to one Han was looking at.

Shannon said...

Brings back memories of my days in the marching band, too.

And I never went to any dances that were held after the football games... let alone the Homecoming dances. My hair was so gross and sweaty from wearing that stupid band uniform hat, there was no way I'd go to a dance right after the game!