Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Peep Update

Back in September I posted about our participation in the JDRF's Walk for Diabetes. Well yesterday I received a letter with our final total which was $1605, a little more than I calculated. Must have been some stragglers in there. Anyway, we were also informed that we qualified for a bronze level plaque! I guess they give out plaques and awards for what teams raise. So, as team captain my family was invited to the awards banquet next month where they recognize the teams and hand out the plaques. Thanks to all who donated and walked with us!!


Amy said...

Lynn, that's so cool! I wish I would have gotten my ducks in a row and gotten you some money! Keep me in mind for next year.

lynn said...

No problem Amy. I'll catch ya next time, we do plan on doing it again next year. We had fun.