Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My creepy drive to work

I went in to work for 6 am this morning. Yeah, it sucks, way too early. I am so not a morning person and hate having to work at that ridiculous hour. But anyway, not my point.

It was, of course, still dark out and the clouds were super thick. As I got on the highway heading east I could see the clouds come to an abrupt end in the distance. A straight line across the sky, beyond which was completely clear.

As I was driving I got the weirdest feeling of being enclosed in some sort of box with the lid closing down on it. We were all driving toward the opening. Drive toward the light! Save yourself!! (yes, I'm a little wacko sometimes)

It was like one of those dreams where the faster you run the more you stay in one place. The more you drove the more it seemed like that was so far in the distance that you'd never reach it.

Just also want to send a little shout out to a friend having gallbladder surgery tonight! My thoughts are with you and hope everything goes smoothly and you feel better real soon!

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Lori said...

Hey, thanks for the little shout out. I just now got to reading your blog. Love your fall leaves pics by the way. Beautiful!
I am hanging in there. Go see the surgeon in the morning, hope he removes this darn drain tube from me! It hurts like hell. Also, just got 2 of my St. Charles tickets sold. Yea!, that I am recouping some of the $$ but still sad that I can't go. So anyway, just one more ticket to sell. Amy K. (if you're reading this), are you sure you can't go?? lol.

Take care...