Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday: Week 25

See how inconsistent I am?  Nothing for a month, then 2 days in a row!  Anyway, on with it.....It's We Want to Know Wednesday time.


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{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?

Sleep.  I can never get enough sleep!

But what I really should do is take a walk.  I do it randomly and I usually feel better and ready to start the day if I do it in the morning but I tend to get lazy and put it off.  

{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I don't know.  I think I'm turning into an old person.  I used to be a night owl and stay up until all hours.  Now I'm lucky if I can make it until my hubby gets home just after 10pm.  On the mornings I can sleep in sometimes I'm lucky to make it past 7, I used to be able to easily sleep until 10 or 11 am.  

Maybe it's just that the kids are in school now and I have to get up at the freaking crack before dawn!  

{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?

Not nearly as much as I'd like.  I'm usually in bed by 10:30 and up around 5:30  which is 7 hours.  But that doesn't mean I sleep the whole time.  I get up at least once to pee.  Then it's a guessing game to if I'll fall right back to sleep or if my mind will start it's usual wandering!

{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?

Lately I haven't.  I don't really have a specific time set aside for it which is kind of a bad thing.  I usually end up sitting here way too long.  My time management skills suck!

{5} What is the ONE thing you're never too busy for?



I don't update my status or tweet a whole lot myself but I'm always interested in what everyone else it up to.

Yeah, you know I already spend way too much time online.
Just wait until I get my new phone and I can check in on the go!

And of course my family!


Anonymous said...

OMG, even on Saturday & Sunday I'm up at the latest!!! lol

Amy said...

I could stay up until 2am and still be up by 7. I do not sleep late!

Get that new phone! Go for it, so we can PLAY! :)

Sarita said...

I slept until 10am yesterday! It was glorious!

Mamarazzi said...

ah facebook and twitter stalking...yep, that's me too!

thanks for linking up!

Alicia said...

oh man, i don't know the last time i slept in til 10! even when we leave the kids for a little vacation i always wake up early! and i'm not on FB but i do love checking twitter to see what everyone is up to!