Friday, April 2, 2010

A night at the Movies: Remember Me

Warning for those who have not seen the movie: This post contains some spoilers.  I tried not to be too specific but it will still spoil the ending to a point.

I don't get to see many movies in the theater.  For a few reasons...time issues, cost issues and finding someone to go with.  Either no one wants to see the same movie or we just can't work out the timing.  I am not one to go by myself.  So many times I just wait until they hit DVD and add them to the Netflix cue and who know how long before I actually get to see it! 

But once in a while there's a movie that I try to make a point of going to see right away because there is just something about it that makes me not want to wait.  Remember Me was one of those movies.  I'd been waiting to see it since I found out about it and had hoped to go opening weekend but that didn't work out.  I finally got the chance this past Saturday night.  A friend and I went down to the casino for a couple hours and when we decided we had lost enough money we thought we'd go see it. 

I wanted to go because......well OK, mainly for this man right here....


I know he's a little on the young side for me but I try not to think about that!  Seeing him as Edward Cullen got me hooked and I really wanted to see what else he could do.  I was not disappointed!  My friend kept saying she saw Edward in Tyler (his character in RM) in the previews.  And she mentioned it a few time during the movie.  I admit yeah, there were some things that were the same but I don't think it's as much Edward as it is just Rob.

My thoughts.....I don't care how great an actor you are, there are just some habits or mannerisms you have that are just part of who you are and no matter what role you are playing those are going to peak through a bit. 

Anyway, like I said I was not disappointed.  I really like it and so did my friend!  I think Rob and Emilie had great chemistry and did a wonderful job.  I also loved the roommate.  One thing that really struck me funny was his use of the word matriculate!  I had never heard it until it was used by Edward in the Twilight movie......and here it is again in another Rob Pattinson movie! 

I had an idea of what the movie was about or at least how it ended.  I had read a few comments online but tried to stop before I read exactly what happened.  But putting two and two together I was able to figure it out.  I was concerned that I wouldn't like it because of the outcome and wondered how they would recreate it on screen. 

They didn't try to recreate anything.  They left it all to your imagination....or recollection of what happened and I think that worked.  It's definately a sad and emotional ending.  It's left me an emotional wreck and weepy for days.  Putting "faces" to the events.....though fictional....and making you think about your own life and how you live it, how you treat those closest to you. 
What you would do if you lost someone important in you life unexpectedly.  Would it take losing someone to make you realize what you've got? 


Shannon said...

My BFF and I saw this movie at 10:00 on a Wednesday night... we had the theater to ourselves!

It was her 2nd time to see it (she is a HUGE fan of Rob's), my 1st. We both liked it. Very much. I agree, I thought the acting between Rob and Emilie was really good. And for some reason, the part that got me was at the end when IT happens, and Pierce Brosnan gets out of his car, looking up... UGH, the look on his face broke my heart!

Amy said...

Ok, so I have not seen it yet, so I didn't read your post...but I WILL after I see it...My daughter wants to see it so I have to watch it before she does :p

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Looking forward to reading your posts!! :)