Friday, June 29, 2007

Wish me luck

I entered two photos in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Snapshot Contest this past week. All entries so far can be seen here. So far only the first one I entered is up on the site. It's #510 (out of 914 so far), just click on the range that includes that number and it's in the upper left corner. If you hover your mouse over the pics it will show the entry number.

All photos had to have been taken during 2006. I had a hard time deciding what to enter. Not because I had so many to choose from, but because I wasn't sure if I had any good enough! Check out the winners from last year: 2006 winners

This year's winners will be decided in July and then displayed at the Wisconsin State Fair in August. I'm not expecting to win but I'll keep ya posted! I also hope to enter some more contests and submit for different things so if you happen to know of any "legit" contests, please send them my way!

Later ;)


Amy said...

Good luck, girl. I always love your pix. My mom got an SLR last week, and is just learning how to use it. She's a photography geek just like you. :-)

lynn said...

Thanks Amy! Hope your mom has fun with her new toy!